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Travel Shoe Bag

travel shoe bagA travel shoe bag is perfect for commuters, travelers, and executives who spend a good deal of their time on the road. Consider for your travel shoe bag purchase or any other footwear products/ accessories.

We are family owned and operated business that is debt-free with low overhead. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products available (like a travel shoe bag) at the lowest prices possible.

Travel Shoe Bag:

Burgundy Velvet Travel Shoe Bag: Put your footwear in this travel shoe bag and save it from wear and tear. It is a drawstring travel shoe bag and is sold in pairs. The travel shoe bag is perfect for all types of shoes and will help to keep your clothes from shoe dirt/ grime.

Kiwi Shoe Care Travel KitTravel Shoe Kit: A great gift for the traveling professional. Our travel shoe kit contains one 1/8 oz. tin black and one 1/8 oz. brown polish, one shine brush, two shine clothes, and two daubers.

There is no question that a travel shoe bag is an ideal way to protect both your shoes and clothes when you are on the road. And is the place to get one.

Thank you for considering for your travel shoe bag needs. To learn more, call 706.543.3018 or complete our Contact form.

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