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Suede Shoe Cleaners and Brushes

A suede cleaner brush or a suede shoe cleaner brush are perfect for cleaning dirt and dust from delicate suede footwear., specialists in foot care products/ accessories, offering the following suede cleaner/ brush and cloth shoe cleaner items.

brass suede brush shoe cleanerSuede Cleaner/ Brush:

  • Brass Suede Cleaner/ Brush: 1" x 3" wood block suede cleaner/ brush. No handle.
  • Brass Suede Cleaner/ Brush w/Handle: Great for delicate suede shoes (ex. ballroom, ballet), which require gentle cleaning/ brushing to prevent suede from wearing out.
  • Suede Shoe Cleaner/ Cloth: This flannel backed canvas suede shoe cleaner/ cloth will add shine to tired shoes!

magik lint brushLint Brushes:

  • Magik Lint Brush: Quickly and effectively removes lint, dust, dandruff, and pet hair from clothing, bedding and upholstery, and suede fabric.


At, we are committed to becoming your best source for foot care products and have over 250-items for you to choose from. We’ve got everything you need to bring comfort to sore, tired, aching feet. is a debt-free company with low overhead, which allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products available (like a suede cleaner/ brush and a suede shoe cleaner) at the lowest prices possible.

We are family owned and operated and take pride in providing good, old-fashioned customer service. Contact us for your suede cleaner/ brush and suede shoe cleaner needs, call 706.543.3018 or complete our Contact form.

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