Shoe Lace & Long Shoe Horn
Increased shoe life & no bending!

Looking for a shoe lace or a long shoe horn? Try the footwear accessories experts!

Shoe Lace:

Many people have had to discard a perfectly good pair of shoes because of a shoe lace related problem. Not any more! If you’ve got a broken shoe lace or are missing a shoe lace… don’t despair, get in touch with us. carries a shoe lace for every category for shoe –casual, dress, athletic, and even boots!

The length of a shoe lace can vary greatly, so if you can, try to measure yours.

Real Horn Shoe HornLong Shoe Horn:

A shoe horn whether long or short is a very handy item. It enables you to put on your shoes more easily and a long shoe horn can reduce the amount of bending you do. A long shoe horn can help to alleviate back strain and increase post-surgery mobility. A shoe horn prolongs the life of shoes by preventing the heels from being crushed and by making it easier to slide feet into snug footwear. is a family owned and operated business. We are debt-free and have very low overhead… this means we can provide our customers the highest quality products available (like a shoe lace or long shoe horn) at unbelievably low prices.

We thank you for considering for a shoe lace or long shoe horn related concern. To learn more call us at (912) 654-9596 or complete our Contact form.

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