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Shoe Shine Brushes, Lint Brush and Heel Cushions and Grips
Adding Luster and life to dirty shoes!

Shoe brush/ cloth and lint brush are great for removing dust and dirt from shoes and should be a part of every shoe shining kit. ShoeShineExpress.com is the place to get everything from a shoe brush/ cloth, to a lint brush, to a heel cushion!

shoeshine brushesShoe Brush & Shoe Cloth:

  • Shoe Cloth: This flannel backed canvas 5"x20" shoe cloth will add shine to tired shoes!
  • Professional Shine Shoe Brush: If you shine shoes this shoe brush is for you! 2 5/8" x 8 1/2" - 1 1/2" Trim.
  • Mini Shine Shoe Brush: Ideal for hard to reach places. 5" x 1 1/2" - 15/16" Trim.
  • Dauber Wood Handle Shoe Brush: 2 1/2" Head - 1" Trim.
  • Dauber Wood Handle Shoe Brush: 1" Head - 7/8" Trim.
  • Brass Suede Shoe Brush: A suede shoe brush minus the handle. 1" x 3" Wood Block.
  • Brass Suede Shoe Brush w/Handle: Great for delicate suede (ex. ballroom, ballet) shoes, which require gentle brushing so as not to wear down the suede.

magik lint brushMagik Lint Brush:

  • Magik Lint Brush: Quickly and effectively removes lint, dust, dandruff and pet hair from clothing, bedding and upholstery.

heel cushionsHeel Cushion:

  • Meltonian Heel Grips: The Professionals Choice! One-Size Fits All! Self-adhesive, increases life of hosiery and keeps heels from slipping.
  • J.T.Foote Sure Sole: Helps prevent slipping. Will not mark floors. Easy to apply. Nonskid for sole of shoe.
  • Meltonian Leather Arch Cushions: Relives arch pain. Give additional arch support. Self-adhesive.
  • Cabin Brand OXFORD Heel Cushion: Lifts and cushions heel. Genuine Leather. Self-adhesive.

ShoeShineExpress.com is a debt-free company with low overhead, which allows us to provide our customers the highest quality products available (like a shoe brush/ cloth or lint brush) at the lowest prices possible. For more information, call 706.543.3018 or complete our Contact form.

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