Meltonian and Kiwi Shoe Polish Cream
If the shoe fits… polish it!

Meltonian and Kiwi shoe polish/ cream will make your old shoes and boots sparkle like new. At, foot care products/ accessories are our specialty and we carry the following kinds of Meltonian and Kiwi shoe polish/ cream.

kiwi parade glossKiwi Shoe Polish Cream:

meltonian shoe polish creamMeltonian Shoe Polish Cream:

Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish: Blended from the finest waxes, the rich creamy texture is ideal for boot and shoe leather. Helps condition leather while polishing. Contains color pigment and natural waxes for a great shine. Available in an array of colors. is a family owned and operated business. We are debt-free and have very low overhead… this permits us to provide the highest quality products, like Meltonian and Kiwi shoe polish/ cream, at unbelievably low prices.

We thank you for considering for your Meltonian and Kiwi shoe polish/ cream needs. To contact us, call (912) 654-9596 or complete our Contact form.

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