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Cushion Your Feet - Insoles by Body Cushion

Ultra Light Axiflex High Density Foam Cushion Insoles

Get superior protection with Body Cushion® Brand Insoles.

These anti-microbial cushion insoles provide:

Cushion Heel Spur InsolesBody Cushion Brand Insoles also:

Ultra Light Axiflex High Density Foam Cushion Insoles
Use in work boots, shoes and athletic wear for long lasting comfort and to protect your feet from the shock associated with heel strike.
Cushion Heel Spur Insoles
Cushion elastomer heel spur insoles are uniquely designed for all types of shoes and boots reducing pressure placed on the center of the heel and cradling painful heel spurs.
Kiln-Dried Cedar Chip Shoe Fresh Inserts
Kiln-dried cedar chips absorb up to twice their weight in moisture. Perfect for athletic or casual shoes (one size fits all) the fresh cedar scent neutralizes foot odor. Packed in breathable cotton bags.

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